Our Team


Paul D Park

Turf & Pest Division Lead

  • Loves attention to detail
  • Loves timeliness
  • Loves going the extra mile

Brennan Wickerham

Fertilizer and Pest Control Technician

  • Loves audio production.
  • Loves to do magic and attempt new things.
  • Loves nature and things with outside.
Dan Cook

Dan Cook

Fertilizer and Pest Control Technician

  • Loves his family
  • Loves to “tinker’ with cars
  • Loves to be outside working
  • Loves to ride his motorcycle

Why R&D Pest Control?

We Love This Stuff. At R&D Pest Control our mission is to help others enjoy the beauty around them, even when that means doing the less glamorous jobs like pest control. We are a dedicated team serving Mid-Michigan that will do whatever it takes to get the job done and to build lasting relationships with satisfied customers.

Have a growing pest-related problem or concern?

Pest problems are easiest to solve when they’re addressed quickly by professionals. Whether you have a minor or major pest problem, or wish to pest-proof your property, R&D Pest Control can help. Request a free quote and our team will be in touch to solve your problem before it worsens.