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Do you suspect your property is under attack from rodents? If so, give us a call so we can help inspect the problem and offer the best solution. Rodents such as mice are a potential carrier of major diseases such as Lyme, Hantavirus, and Swine Dysentery, and can substantially lower the quality of life within your home if left untreated. At R&D Pest Control, our goal is to prevent that from happening.

Our Rodent Control Services

Our programs offer service to residential and commercial clients*, providing natural and mechanical methods to trap, exclude and control the rodent population around your property. We offer interior trapping services as well as year-round perimeter baiting. Signing up for one rodent control service also provides you a discount on the other service. Contact us today for a quote!

*We currently do not service IPM commercial accounts.

How it Works

  • When you contact R&D Pest Control, one of our experts will discuss your needs and provide a quote.
  • For some situations, our expert will visit your property to give an accurate estimate and start developing a custom treatment plan.
  • We will locate all vulnerabilities and place traps where needed. Exclusion methods will be used to help prevent further invasions from occurring.
  • To maintain a rodent-free environment, we recommend a year-round exterior bait program.
R&D employee spraying for bugs

Let us solve your pest problem, and protect you from future pest problems.

Common Rodent Concerns

Deer/White Footed Mice

Deer mice are a common invader of homes in Michigan, and they are known carriers of Lyme Disease and Hantavirus. Distinguishable by their white belly. Trapping and perimeter control work best.

House Mice

Another common invader of properties in Michigan. Distinguishable by their gray underbelly and darker overcoat. Likely to damage packaging and contaminate food. Trapping and exterior control preferred.

How Dangerous Are Rodents?

Rodents are known carriers of potentially fatal diseases such as Lyme, Hantavirus and Swine Dysentery. They are also known to chew through wires, siding and insulation, causing structural damage that could potentially lead to a house fire, increase in heating bill, or a devaluation in property value. In addition, they can also introduce fleas and ticks into your home, leading to costly veterinarian bills. In short, they have the potential to greatly reduce the quality of living within your home or business.

Why R&D Pest Control?

We Love This Stuff. At R&D Pest Control our mission is to help others enjoy the beauty around them, even when that means doing the less glamorous jobs like pest control. We are a dedicated team serving Mid-Michigan that will do whatever it takes to get the job done and to build lasting relationships with satisfied customers.

Have a growing pest-related problem or concern?

Pest problems are easiest to solve when they’re addressed quickly by professionals. Whether you have a minor or major pest problem, or wish to pest-proof your property, R&D Pest Control can help. Request a free quote and our team will be in touch to solve your problem before it worsens.