Perimeter Pest Control

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Spiders, ants, crickets, earwigs, mosquitoes, millipedes and more! You’ve got em, and we can get rid of them. With our perimeter pest program, you can customize whether or not you want one, two, or three yearly treatments. However, we highly recommend three yearly treatments to take advantage of our program. We rotate our treatments with each season ensuring you receive a high-quality service that doesn’t allow pests to develop resistance. At R&D Pest Control, we’re committed to making sure we provide you the best service possible, so ask us for a quote today!

Our Perimeter Pest Control Services

We offer perimeter pest control to residential and commercial customers*, as well as package deals to help alleviate the problems caused by perimeter pest invasions. We commit to using the highest quality treatments for the appropriate season, as well as targeted treatments for a specific customer-requested pest.

*We currently do not service commercial IPM accounts.

How it Works

  • When you contact R&D Pest Control, one of our experts will discuss your needs and provide a quote.
  • For some situations, our expert will visit your property to give an accurate estimate and start developing a custom treatment plan.
  • We will treat the entirety of the building perimeter(s) requested, utilizing the appropriate methods needed to control the undesired pest populations.
  • Perimeter treatments are capable of being conducted from April until October, and depending on your needs, you will receive a treatment every other month.
R&D employee spraying for bugs

Let us solve your pest problem, and protect you from future pest problems.

Common Perimeter Pest Control Concerns


The most notorious of pest invaders to homes, ants pose major sanitation concerns as well as being an overall nuisance on your property. Though very beneficial, when ants invade a property they can also cause structural damage costing you thousands in repairs. Because of this, we use a combination of treatments to help control their populations.


Spider invasions usually occur when the spiders go looking for food in the dark, moist areas of your home where other bugs might invade. Shy as they are, spiders are primarily a nuisance pest with a bad reputation. They do not attack on purpose, but can bite if their nesting sites are disturbed. There are non-chemical methods of lowering their presence, but perimeter treatments around the property provide great relief as well.

How Should I Prepare Before R&D Pest Control Arrives?

  1. Please do a quick check of the perimeter of the property for any pet toys that are close to the exterior. We do not wish to accidentally contaminate any of these toys, but if we see them our technicians will pick them up and place them in a safe area.
  2. Please keep all windows and doors closed. We know it can get hot during the summer months and opening the windows helps keep energy costs down. However, we do not wish to have any accidental residue from our treatment work its way into your home, so please do your best to keep the house closed up for the duration of the treatment.
  3. No, you do not need to be home for the treatment. Our technicians can email you a copy of the treatment specifics. However, if you’d like to be there during the treatment, we’d be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Why R&D Pest Control?

We Love This Stuff. At R&D Pest Control our mission is to help others enjoy the beauty around them, even when that means doing the less glamorous jobs like pest control. We are a dedicated team serving Mid-Michigan that will do whatever it takes to get the job done and to build lasting relationships with satisfied customers.

Have a growing pest-related problem or concern?

Pest problems are easiest to solve when they’re addressed quickly by professionals. Whether you have a minor or major pest problem, or wish to pest-proof your property, R&D Pest Control can help. Request a free quote and our team will be in touch to solve your problem before it worsens.