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Despite providing lawns with several benefits, moles are a lawn and landscape pest that can cause incredible amounts of damage within a short period of time, causing homeowners and business owners unwanted headaches. With a thorough inspection and baiting program, R&D Pest Control is here to help alleviate the problems caused by such pests. Give us a call today for a free quote!

Our Mole Control Services

We offer mole control to residential and commercial customers, providing you with a 60-day guarantee of control upon the first bait placement. With this guarantee, any additional calls for service within the 60 days is free of charge to you. This guarantee allows us to cover baiting for the adult moles as well as any mole pups who arrive within that time.

How it Works

  • When you contact R&D Pest Control, one of our experts will discuss your needs and provide a quote.
  • For some situations, our expert will visit your property to give an accurate estimate and start developing a custom treatment plan.
  • We will locate all mole runs and mounds, and place bait where needed.
  • To maintain a mole-free property, we also recommend signing up for our turf management program to help maintain vertebrate insect populations in the turf. Call 517-202-5543 (ext. 110) for a quote!
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Common Mole Concerns

Common Ground Mole

Also known as the Eastern Mole, ground moles prefer well-drained or loose soils. Their primary diet consists of earthworms and other pests such as slugs, snails, and ants. They do not like lawns that are too wet or too dry.

Are Moles Active During The Winter?

Yes, moles are active during the winter months. However, their tunnels are dug deeper so that they can continue to feed. Though active, winter control is usually not recommended for moles unless we have an extended period of warm weather. Because the tunnels are dug deeper below the surface, baiting is much more difficult to complete. We recommend waiting until late April and into May to begin treatments.

Why R&D Pest Control?

We Love This Stuff. At R&D Pest Control our mission is to help others enjoy the beauty around them, even when that means doing the less glamorous jobs like pest control. We are a dedicated team serving Mid-Michigan that will do whatever it takes to get the job done and to build lasting relationships with satisfied customers.

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Pest problems are easiest to solve when they’re addressed quickly by professionals. Whether you have a minor or major pest problem, or wish to pest-proof your property, R&D Pest Control can help. Request a free quote and our team will be in touch to solve your problem before it worsens.